Pro Tip : Christie Collin

Indoor season is officially in motion. How many of you shoot great scores in practice day after day and then get into a tournament and are disappointed in your scores?

It is probably the most common conversation during the indoor season among archers after they have shot their round. “Well I have been shooting great at home, but today I just could not out it all together.” I have found that we expect results to vary less within the indoor game, due to us expecting to be more consistent, because the conditions are usually always the same and we are shooting a game of repetition.

I would say the biggest difference at a tournament is decision making. If you are a 295 shooter at home and can not seem to reach that at a tournament take a look at the shots you have missed. Am I shooting my normal shot? Or am I trying to hard and being to careful? Am I trying to shoot a better shot than I normally would in practice? Am I trusting the shot that I know always works at home? Am I really paying attention to what I am doing? Or is it that my mind is wondering? We tend to be good decision makers at home during practice because we are comfortable and not afraid to miss. Sometimes those decisions are subconscious during practice. We may have assumed we have trained our body and mind that it can handle all of those decisions at a tournament on its own, but that is not always the case at any level. If you can shoot a 295, you can shoot a 300 because you know how to hit the middle!