Pro Tips : Kelly Ward

I am writing this indoor season training tip from nothing more than my own experiences. Way back when I started to shoot the indoor world I was a 3D shooter to the core. “Shoot at paper at 20yrds?” “Why of course I can do that!”

I learned very quickly that there was much more to this 20 yard game than I had expected. “How can shooting this little dot so close cause so many nerves?” I would tell myself, “If I had a 12 ring at that distance I would be golden, right?”

So, a couple of thoughts put yourself in every situation you can mix up, every chance you get. Shoot with the kids screaming, to the dog chasing the cat in front of the target. Learn how to focus because you will not combat the nerves, but if you learn to perform through the nerves you will advance your game. And lets face it, what keeps us out of the center is all nerves or loss of mental focus.

Last thought. Never, and I mean never think, “ I hope I don’t shoot a nine.” Because you will shoot a nine! Tell yourself, “ This will be the best X game yet.” Every shot is a chance to improve.