Meet the 2018 Ambassadors

Ashley Spicher

“I am excited to be an ambassador because I love meeting new people and love being apart of a support system, such as the one arcHER has. Ever since I started shooting when I was 10 Cara has been one of my biggest role models. Being able to work with her and such an amazing team has me pumped for the upcoming season. I look forward to all the people I will get to meet and all the memories I will get to make working along side all of these amazing arcHER’s.”


Lynn Maxfield

“I’m excited to be an ArcHER Ambassador because I’m excited about the sport of archery. I’m excited to be a part of a team of experienced women ArcHERs who’s mission is to encourage, empower, equip and promote women at all levels and all ages in archery. I want to encourage people to be the best they can be on the archery course, and to realize their own potential. Archery is a great family sport, and there are lifelong lessons, disciplines, goals and friends to be made on the tournament trail. It can be such a rewarding adventure, and I’m excited to be in a position to help promote this sport and all that it has to offer.”


Jayde Alderman

“While archery is mainly dominated by the men, I’m excited to be given the opportunity to represent arcHER this season as an ambassador so I may do my part to not only represent and promote women in archery, but hopefully encourage many more to pick up a bow.”




April Mumpower

“My passion for archery and having the opportunity to get others involved in the shooting sport, is why I am excited to be an arcHER.  Archery has taught me discipline and patience; two very important skills to have in life.  I look forward to unite ladies and help build their self-confidence.”




Debi Martin

“Being an arcHER Ambassador is a very important part of my life.  Promoting the sport of archery through education and participation is my way of setting a good example for fellow archers. As arcHER Ambassadors we encourage and motivate arcHERs, no matter their level of expertise.”




Terra Timmerman

“I am honored to be returning to the arcHER Ambassador team for the 2018 season.  One of the things that I love about arcHERy is traveling and competing with my husband, Brad and our son, Will.  We have met so many people through the sport and it has blessed us so much that I am honored to pay it forward and help new arcHERs in any way that I can.  I have had many wonderful ladies help and support me throughout this journey and I can think of no better way to thank them than to do the same for others.  I look forward to meeting everyone this season.  Find me on the Women’s Known 40 range!”


Britney Sefcik

“I’m honored to have been chosen to represent arcHER as an ambassador for the 2nd year.  It’s amazing being on the inside and truly impacting other women and girls in the sport and encouraging newcomers.  I love helping others & seeing more women participate each year.  Archery is a sport where you don’t have to be a pro to compete, everyone starts at the beginning.”



Laura Moore

“I’m honored to represent arcHER as an Ambassador to promote the sport of archery to everyone I come across. Encouraging others and helping them gain confidence is one of my main goals while growing the archery community! Shoot straight! “





Rhonda Waits

“I believe all the “hers” out there – young, old, newbie, seasoned veteran, top finishers to those just there to have fun are energized by the emphasis on her in the name ArcHER.  I am excited to serve as an ArcHER Ambassador for the opportunity to carry that banner supporting and promoting a platform that inspires, encourages and empowers female arcHERs of all ages and skill levels to embrace the female spirit of arcHER.”



Stacy Mitchum

“I love being an arcHER ambassador because I have the opportunity to meet strong women archers of all ages. My closest friends are ladies I have met on the archery range. ArcHERs are my family!”

Hannah Schneider

“I am an ArcHER Ambassador because I have a passion for Archery and I want to share that passion with others. I have learned many life lessons and have been given amazing opportunities through archery.  I remember taking my first shot with a bow when I was 7 years old. It was my brother’s bow that he had just got for his birthday, but I loved it! My birthday was a couple months later, and that’s when I was given my very first bow. Over the next ten years archery taught me how to dream, set goals, practice hard, be determined, and be disciplined. I learned how to fail, how to rebound after failure, and how to be responsible. Archery was something that my family did together throughout my adolescent years. We spent a lot of our quality time together traveling and shooting as a family. I was able to see different parts of the country that I wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise, and I got to experience those things with my family. We made many close friends in archery over those years, and many of those friendships still live on today. Now, I am shooting with my husband and four kids in my backyard every chance I get,  I am traveling to national tournaments and shooting with my Mom and Daughter, and I am coaching my very first Scholastic 3D Archery team. I love to watch kids take their very first shot, and to witness the progression of skill over time! In a day in age where families are being pulled in all different directions, I want to encourage family togetherness in archery.”